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The DEC-RS-1 Wall Temperature Sensors are designed to be used with DEC controllers. They are designed with a rugged housing and a unique one screw attachment to it's base plate. The DEC-RS-1 is a digital wall mounted room temperature sensor with multiple modes of operation with zone override. The DEC-RS-1 wires to DEC controllers via CAT-5 cabling and does not have options for hard wiring. 

  • ABS housing - low profile - High tech design
  • +/-0.5% accuracy thermistor type sensor (10KOhms @ 77°F). Temp range: +23 to 150°F (-5 to 66°C)
  • After hours override push button
  • Dual RJ45 built in connectors for low cost and accurate daisy chain wiring to multiple RS-1s via 8 conductor CAT-5 cable (for use with DEC family controllers)
  • Two screw terminals for sensor wiring
  • Labor saving, fast single screw mounting 
  • Labor saving, fast single screw mounting


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